Classes & Prices

Tuesday Classes:

18.30- 19.30: Beginners - £25  for 4 Weeks

19.30 - 20.30: Intermediate - £30 for 4 Weeks

20.30 - 21.30: Advanced - £30 for 4 Weeks

OR Individual classes are £10 per hour 

Taster class: £3 or Taster 4 Weeks: £15

Two classes per week £45 for 4 Weeks

Text or Call 07793 058513 to check availability or to book.

Course start dates: 4 Weekly, pre payment required on 28th of each month

If you would like to attend 2 classes in any week, once you have paid for your course you can attend a second class each week for only £5 per lesson (space permitting)




Definitions of levels

Beginners A - No requirements

Beginners B - Tried the basics of pole,  spins, skin grips, climb, invert, but working to perfect them and combine them. 

Intermediate A - Invert, Climb, Headstand, Thigh grip, Hang tough (without sliding), Barbed Wire, Knee lock from the ground, 5 spins.

Intermediate B - All of Intermediate A plus: Gemini, Crucifix, Shoulder mount, Spin transitions, Grip transitions, Confidence on the pole, Flag.

Advanced - All of the intermediate moves plus: Scorpio, Aerial invert, Straight leg climb, Side climb, Confident holding body away from the pole, Anchor lift, Iguana mount, Be confident high on the pole.

Although classes are levelled, they will also be differentiated during the lesson for different abilities inside those levels. 

You may join any class you like but you must expect the class to be too hard or too easy, it will not be adapted in these cases.