Welcome to Essex Pole Fitness - Pole Dancing/Fitness for all

Essex Pole Fitness/DancingGrays, Essex, offers fitness based programs focussing on building strength, toning your body, improving flexibility and getting fit as well as building your confidence, meeting new people and having fun.

Essex Pole Fitness is certified as an approved pole dance school by the Pole Dance Community. This represents the highest level of professionalism and teaching quality within the pole fitness industry. 

During your time at Essex Pole Fitness you will learn spins, spin combinations, grips, holds, poses, transitions, balances & strength moves.

To maximise learning, the classes at Essex Pole Fitness are limited each to 3 students per pole. The studio has a mixture of poles, varying in width to allow for students with smaller hands.

The classes at Essex Pole Fitness are differentiated to take into account each students strengths and weaknesses. Each class starts with some strength moves designed to aid your learning, finishing the class with stretches improving flexibility.

You do not have to be flexible or strong when you start your lessons at Essex Pole Fitness as each move will train your body so you will see improvement each week.

Each level at Essex Pole Fitness is designed to guide you through step by step, improving at each stage.

What to wear at Essex Pole Fitness? Sports wear - gym top/vest top, tracksuit bottoms or leggings & bring some shorts! You may want to wear a sports bra as you will be hanging upside down.

Equipment used at Essex Pole Fitness? We only use industry standard X-Poles, available from www.x-pole.co.uk and other stockists